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by Dr. Laura Sullivan



by Ginny Senande

Follow the instructions in this brief screencast in order to compress your video.

Screencastify Overview.mp4


by Dr. Laura Sullivan

Google Drive - Forced Copy

by Jon Gray

Follow the instructions in this screencast in order to automatically force recipients to make a copy of your Google Doc.

Google Classroom Overview.mp4

Google Classroom

by Derick Talty

Creating a Google Quiz.webm

Google Quiz

by Kelly Stevens

Seesaw Activity Bank.webm


by Kelly Stevens

Tutorial on the community activities bank

Screencastify: YouTube

by Kelly Stevens

Learn how to record your screen and upload the video to YouTube

Moving from Haiku pages to Google Docs

by Jeff Krapels

Zoom Scheduling a Meeting.mp4

Zoom - Scheduling a Meeting

by Joanne Iyo

Zoom Settings (1).mp4

Zoom - Settings

by Joanne Iyo

Flipgrid - Approve Moderated Videos.webm

by Kelly Stevens

Flipgrid - Creating a Grid.webm

by Kelly Stevens

Create a Rubric in Flipgrid

by Kelly Stevens

Flipgrid - Give Feedback.webm

by Kelly Stevens

by Kelly Stevens

by Kelly Stevens

by Kelly Stevens